Monday, February 28, 2011

Ducking Rain Showers -

Despite the forecast, the rain cleared for me to ride both ways to work today. The pavement was plenty wet, standing water to dodge and spray from cars flying everywhere. But almost nothing coming down on my head despite the forecast T-storms this evening. When I got to work this morning and checked the afternoon forecast it was really quite intimidating.

I tweeted this morning that I might have gotten myself in a predicament if the strong storms actually came to be in the afternoon and evening. I was really just expressing a little frustration with my own poor planning. 5 different offers for rides home materialized. I feel strongly one should never "test" one's friends. But it's always feels great when they offer you a hand. Thank you.

By late afternoon it was clear no rescue would be required and the worst I would face was light showers, but even that never really happened.

So February ended on a high note, but my weight change (gain!) and low mileage on the bike are disappointing. Spring is just around the corner. Always a time for a fresh start.

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