Friday, February 11, 2011


A great riding day. When I left to meet the 5:45 crew it was 19 deg F on my porch thermometer. As we rode to Annapolis Bill C reported his computer showed 12 degF!! Brrr.

Eight of us set out for downtown Annapolis where a Capital reporter had arranged to meet us for an article on winter riding. She wanted to interview us and get a photo. I stayed with the gang at Hard Bean long enough for the photo then met Doug at Chick N Ruth's. I understand from Earl's blog that they had a great time visiting with her at Hard Bean. I'm sorry I missed that visit. But Doug and I had a good time catching up too and I would have also regretted missing that. The group I meet with at Chick N Ruth's every Friday has history back to when we were all in high school together. Doug and I have known each other even longer than that and earned our Eagle Scout awards together in the the Boy Scouts. It's tough having so many friends that I have to choose who to spend time with!

Riding to work after breakfast was a treat. For weeks I've been cutting back on riding to get to work early and stay ahead of the crush. I recognized mid week this week I wasn't going to climb completely out of the hole this week so I backed out of tomorrow's 200K ride along North by Northwest. That will let me put in another day at the office this weekend, but also took a little pressure off of what I had to get done today. So I took a little me time this morning in exchange for giving tomorrow back to the office. It was the right trade off. With the sun getting up earlier it was bright, cold, clear and calm this morning. Great riding weather.

After work I met Bee at her office. Turns out she works a half mile from my office. She had samples for the next round of SPP club kits: vests, jackets and long sleeve jerseys. Looks like very nice stuff and I'm excited to get them in. Of course our timing is off, they will likely arrive as it's getting warmer later this spring. So I got to identify my size and set my order with Bee.

Then it was off for home. Still a nice evening and quite a bit warmer. The ride home was nice if a little slow. But at least one crazy driver tried to kill himself on Andover Rd. He actually gave me a wide berth but if he'd hit that truck head on, I'm sure I'd have been caught up in it. It's narrow with no shoulders. Two way traffic, the speed limit is 30 mph. There are neighborhoods and a school along there. It's not extremely busy. I was accelerating down an incline and approaching 25 mph. But speedy behind me couldn't wait. He swerved in to the other lane to pass me, misjudged my speed and had to accelerate significantly to get by. OOOOPPPPS... here comes a big delivery truck the other way. Bone head gets by me and swerves back in to our lane, continues to accelerate and flies up the next incline. The tucker had to visibly slow and swerved in to the lawn of one of the houses before it was clear. I caught up with him at the light. Time saved: 0. Regard shown for his own life, the truck drivers' and mine: 0. The look on his face when I pulled up to him at the light: priceless.

After all of that, the ride home was uneventful, the weather delightful and the sunset beautiful.

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