Sunday, February 20, 2011

A good weekend

Friday was a great day. Awesome weather and nice long day on the bike with friends. I met the SPP at 05:45 and we rode to Annapolis for breakfast. The usual suspects were with us. Jerry Rush caught us as we were approaching the south end of the trail. 5 of us had a great breakfast at Hard Bean cafe. Then Jerry rode with me as far as the airport, where I went to the office and Jerry continued north to his home.

After work I'd read a headline about brush fire along Rt. 100. I elected to ride down WB&A on the way home which crosses 100 at the point where the news said the fire was going on. By the time I got there the fire was out and most of the fire equipment was gone but the acrid smell of smoke was strong. The light was fading and my pictures didn't turn out. But the charred grass along the highway was clearly visible. The dry weather we've enjoyed has a price. Fortunately the emergency services crews were on the ball. More fires Saturday in a different part of the county burned several hundred acres and a couple of barns. So far no one has been hurt and rain is in the forecast.

Saturday was also incredibly windy. But four of the SPP did a 200K brevet anyway and they all finished in 10 hours or less, despite half the route confronting a head wind. Great job guys.

Sunday I got to ride with my son Erik. Seven sunny miles with stops for a granola bar and ice cream. Also plenty of smiles. A good day.


  1. Hi just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog. I was in your area in June last year, as the start of my drive across America with my wife and two friends. I'm sure I have driven over the bridge on your photo, unless there is more than one. Keep blogging and I shall watch out for them.

  2. Thanks Robin. I've been feeling a bit disjointed lately both in my riding and my writing. But with Spring almost hear I hope to clear that up.