Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday felt like Spring

I slept in this morning, then headed out about 9:30 for a nice bike ride. The weather was awesome, mid 40s as I left and headed for the 50s. I went out to Sandy Point then through Annapolis and around the river back to Benfield Blvd and home.

The Severn River looking north from the Naval Academy Bridge

I stopped at the Baltimore Coffee and Tea on Bestgate Rd in Annapolis. Wow, quite a place. Much bigger than a typical coffee shop and the aroma when you walk in.. mmmmmm.. They have a huge inventory of different varieties and flavors of coffee beans available in bulk. I'll have to go back and browse those a bit. But as I had no way to easily carry a purchase I stuck to what I could consume on the spot. I had a small coffee and a egg / sausage / english muffin sandwich. Very tasty.

I wore the Camel Back again. I think the advantage of this will be actually making myself do a better job staying hydrated. Taking small sips frequently while still pedaling is much simpler with this than handling a bottle from the cage. I had drained it (1.5 Liters) by time I got to B'more Coffee and Tea at 20 miles, so I refilled it before I left and drained it again by the time I got home. That's probably twice what I would have otherwise consumed in that distance.

After the ride I took Zach and Erik out in our Scout Uniforms to deliver the food bags for "Scouting for Food". The Scouts solicit donations to the local food banks. Spencer and his father, Jeff also joined us. The boys did a good job explaining the program to the neighbors and asking them to leave their donations out on the front porch for pickup on Saturday morning the 5th. Jeff and I took them for a Sundae at McDonald's after as a treat. Spencer is the only boy with two sisters, so the "guy" time good for him. Jeff and I also get along well, both of us went to the Naval Academy and have maintained our connection to the Alumni groups.

All in all a good day.

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