Saturday, February 12, 2011

Working on Saturday

Had to work today. Bllleeecckk. But I rode the bike in and that was great. It was a little windy on the ride in, but otherwise a nice day. I left the office at 5:30 and rode home as it got dark. The moon was bright and the wind had calmed down. It was a great ride, no traffic incidents to report.

I've been working this week, again, to get my head right and match my food intake to the level of activity. (are you getting tired of reading that?) TCUP - think clearly under pressure. Work is going to be tight no matter how I eat. The pace is not likely to really calm down any time soon. I can't let that screw up the rest of my life. I maxed out my weight at 246lbs near the end of January from a low of 225 last summer.

About a year ago I had an accident on the bike, hit from behind by a car when I tried to change lanes. I was lucky and came out of it with just some bruises. Some friends asked if I was afraid to get back on the bike in traffic or encouraged me to back off. I assured them I was much more afraid of putting the weight back on than I am of anything that might happen while I was riding. I'm not ignoring the risks and have worked to learn from the incident, better visibility in my lights and clothing, and learning to be more aware of my surroundings. But no, I'm not afraid of the traffic. I AM certainly afraid of the prospect that I could return to the fat old days.

This morning the scale showed 240.5 after about a week of more reasonable eating: salads for lunch etc, staying off of the big subs and burgers that keep getting me in trouble. I KNOW if I can balance 5 - 6 days per week on the bike and reasonable food choices I'll keep shrinking. This week was a good start.

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  1. It'd be good if we could just relax about it wouldn't it Mike?

    Problem is we can't, just keep on keeping on eh my friend?