Saturday, March 12, 2011

55 Miles - A good Saturday

Peer pressure is a wonderful force if you harness it correctly. Chris and I agreed by email yesterday to meet at 5:30 am to get a few miles in before meeting the rest of SPP for the regular Saturday social ride to Annapolis. Without the pressure to meet a friend, there is no way I would have ridden that early by myself. But I'm glad we did.

We met at the Park N Ride and headed for the Ranger Station to see if any others were out for an early ride. We didn't see anyone so we selected a loop up towards the airport. We set a nice easy pace and solved most the world's and our families' problems by the time we got back to Java Diva's by 7:15. I grabbed at coffee at J.D. then we met 17 other riders at the Rusty Bridge for the ride to Annapolis.

It was a great turnout for a nice day. It was still cold, in the upper 30s, but the forecast was for sun and warming to the 50s. The group ride downtown for a gnash at Hard Bean was fun. Great to see so many folks out enjoying the nice day.

After breakfast nine of us set out for an extra loop around Bay Ridge. I had a hard time holding the pace and fell off the back. Then I saw Isais O'Daniell heading the other way and stopped briefly to say hello. It's always remarkable to me when I randomly encounter another biker I know while out on the roads. Isais covers enough ground every week for three riders, so I suppose the odds of encountering him during his weekend rides are higher than others, but it's still a fun coincidence.

After I passed through Annapolis on my way home I saw Bryan up ahead. He had turned back when he noticed I'd fallen off the pack. So for the last couple of miles over the bridge and up the hill back home Bryan and I saw the Navy sailing team out and shared some old military training stories. Good to have friends.

Next up, some administrative duties for the Cub Scouts, a nice long nap, and then I'm taking Zach and Erik to see the Navy Women play for the Patriot League Basketball Championship.

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