Thursday, March 31, 2011

Another Rule 9 Day

Left home late, by design, almost 7 A.M. temp was 39 deg F and there was a light mist in the air, not quite raining but certainly not dry. The ride was slow and uneventful. Coffee at my desk never tasted so good.

At 5 pm I left the office for a Cub Scout pack committee meeting where the adult volunteers meet to plan the upcoming activities for the remainder of the school year. I made a bit of a stir arriving by bike while it was cold and misty.

When the meeting broke up I received at least 3 offers for a ride home, but of course I couldn't accept the ride of shame. The last 3 miles from home where we met to my home were cold, dark, wet and uneventful.

The last two days I've been quite impressed with how comfortably I can ride while wearing the ShowersPass gear and a wool base layer. This really has been the best test of the rain gear since I bought it last fall. Both products are quite remarkable. The forecast tomorrow morning is more of the same. The SPP club, correctly, had a bunch of chatter about weather to have the usual ride tomorrow morning or meet for breakfast on four wheels. I'm 4 days in to a complete week of commuting. The stars will never align for another year to let my evening schedule mesh with such a feat, so I'm inclined to suit up and tough it out tomorrow morning.

But before I call it a night tonight I must complete an update of our software for two customers. If those go well I'll be to bed at a decent hour and my prospects for riding in the morning will be good. If they give me trouble... it could be a late night. Lack of sleep and cold rain will likely result in driving. Wish me luck.

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