Sunday, March 27, 2011

Busy Saturday

Started the day Saturday with a cold but clear ride with the SPP to Annapolis for breakfast. Always fun to meet the club on Saturday mornings.

Next up, Lacrosse with Zach, his first scrimmage of the year. The boys played well and he's in his element playing contact sports.

Then to Jones Elementary School to watch Beauty and the Beast Jr. Zach played the bookseller and a knife in the chorus. The future of community theater looks bright, these kids did a wonderful job.

Got a couple of errands done, including eyeglass repair and fresh batteries for the Garmin heart and cadence sensors, put new Axiom fenders on the bike (pics to follow) and then to Mom and Dad's for a family meeting with my folks, my brothers and a great dinner.

Mom and Dad updated their wills and completed living wills with clear direction for how to proceed when the time comes. The meeting was an opportunity for them to share it with us. Dad's fighting leukemia though it is a slow moving form, and his prognosis is good. No need to act on those living wills is imminent, but I'm glad to have it all spelled out just the same. Need to get on with the same plans for Tivy and I.

Wow all that in one day.

Note: route embedded from I've been having more and more trouble with GarminConnect. So I'm giving a try for a bit.

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