Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cold and Clear

The unseasonably cool start to spring continued this morning. I set out from the house about 6:15 and it was 29 deg F. But warmed nicely as the sun got up. I again tried the wool and jersey for my upper body with no jacket or vest. Quite comfy.

Took the WB&A route home again for a few extra miles. It was a nice afternoon and the loop trail around the airport was busy. Loaded down with a steel bike, fat tires, 12+ lbs of laptop and clothing in my panier and I left a couple of other riders in my dust on the loop trail! Stupid display of testosterone, and celebrating a "win" at 16 mph is about as lame as it gets. But I enjoyed it anyway.

Later after turning from WB&A on to Thompson Ave I stood up to climb a small rise and TWANG! I popped a spoke, left side rear wheel. A neighbor who lives on Thompson asked me if I needed help when I stopped on the shoulder in front of his home. Nice fellow, genuinely wanted to help. Fortunately I had the spares and tools. I'm getting good at this. 15 min later I was on my way.

A wintery mix is forecast for tomorrow so I'll have to put something on to keep the water out. But no accumulation is expected, at least not yet. I can probably get in to to work early and beat it, but the ride home will be cold and wet. I intend to ride in anyway.


  1. What path are you taking to/from work? I'm living right off Stevenson now.

  2. To work: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/76131893

    Back Home: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/76067584

    If i'm tight on time in the evening I'll reverse the North bound route but most nights I like to add a couple of miles.