Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cool and Wet

Well spring is here so of course we have to have another cold snap. I got a late start this morning and left the house a little after 7. Approx 43 deg F with rain in the forecast. Half way to the office the mist turned in to a steady drizzle. I've been carting my rain jacket in my bag for weeks, it finally paid off.

The new knobby tires I put on for commuting seemed to work well. The Continental Touring tires wore very quickly over the winter. So I replaced them with Schwalbe Marathon Extreme 700x40c. They seem bomb proof for commuting and perhaps some light trail riding. The clearance around the fenders is tight. The Planet Bike fenders I have are shot, falling apart around the rivets, so I've ordered new Axiom models that should have better clearance.

Coming home I took the scenic route down WB&A to get a few extra miles. The rain had cleared and it was just clear and cool.

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