Monday, March 28, 2011

Getting in to a groove?

I'm trying to get myself in to a steady rhythm riding at least 5 - 6 days each week. Today makes 5 straight days since last Thursday I've ridden and it's looking good to commute every day the rest of the week with my work and family schedule. The weather will vary from clear to tolerable throughout the week but nothing in the forecast looks un-rideable.

The fat tires and new fenders are working well for the commuting. I broke a fitting that clamps the fenders to the stays, I over-torqued it. It seems to be holding despite the crack and the vendor I purchased it from agreed to ship me a replacement at no cost.

I've been adjusting my cold weather clothing lately. Wearing an extra base layer and no jacket when it's cold but clear. Seems to be working quite well. It was just below freezing this A.M. and I wore two layers of wool under my jersey with no jacket or vest. I can feel the breeze more, blowing through the clothing but as long as I'm pedaling and my heart rate is up, it's remarkably comfortable. I keep a jacket in the panier in case something happened and I'm suddenly out without the motor running. But so far it works well and the clothes breathe better, leaving me more comfortable. Merino wool is good stuff.

The rides to and from work were uneventful. I set out about 6:30 and saw Earl on my way north as he was heading home after the 5:45 club ride. On the way home I took WB&A road for few a extra miles. Even opted for Old County for the last 2 miles south to get a few hills in.

Food intake has been reasonable lately too. Now if I can just keep it going....

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