Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday Breakfast Ride - 24 Riders - Awesome Weather

24 riders set out from the RB for the Saturday Breakfast ride. Wonderful to see so many coming out from hibernation.

The only down side was an unusual mechanical failure for Bill Cunningham. The lower cog of his rear derailleur came completely loose from the bike just as we approached Boulters Way on the trail. He found the cog after a few minutes searching but not the bolt that normally holds it in place. With so many riders, there certainly wasn't anything the whole gaggle could do. The consensus seemed to be to convert it to a fixie by shortening the chain. I loaned Bill my multi tool which includes a chain tool to contribute to the job. Dave Provine volunteered to stay with Bill to offer technical and moral support.

The rest of us continued on to Annapolis where we enjoyed a great breakfast in the morning sun by the dock. From there the group started breaking up. Some were headed to Crofton and then North to make a day of it and probably rack up 70+ miles. Others were headed back home more directly. Chris Lane and I opted to stay downtown and enjoy our coffee. Then rode back home together at a leisurely pace. It had been several weeks since we'd had the chance to ride together. It was good to catch up.

After the ride we received an email from Bill confirming that the plan worked and he was able to ride home under his own power. As Dave said, the SPP never leaves an injured bike behind.

A good morning. The rest of the day will include donating the kids' old bikes to Bikes for the World, toting the Cub Scouts' haul of donated food to the local food bank, and dinner with Tivy to celebrate our 22nd wedding Anniversary. Tomorrow we go see Justin perform in the Rock N Roll Revival at the High School. Always an active weekend in the Binnix house.

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