Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Weather - 71 miles on the bike!

A great day on the bike. Started with the 5:45 ride to Annapolis for Breakfast. 11 riders including Janet B who doesn't often join us that early.

After breakfast Earl and Bill C joined me for the ride to work up by BWI. We had a great time in great weather. But then.... I arrived at work, boo!

At 4:30 I checked out of the office and met Bee for a ride around the Airport. By then it was 70 deg F and sunny. I could wear just shorts and my jersey. No winter kit or base layers!!!!! I learned that Bee retired after a career as a Navy meteorologist. She enlisted then later earned a commission as an Officer. Now she works for the Defense Department as an instructional designer. A bike is a great way to get to know people. She is forming a group of women at her office to ride together on Friday afternoons. She hadn't ridden the loop trail and asked if I'd go along to show her the path while she scouted it for her riding group.

Bee has coordinated the purchase of the club's new jersey's jackets and other kit, a huge job. I was certainly glad to escort her on a ride 'round the airport and I hope the other ladies she works with find it a successful activity.

From her office I left Bee and turned for home. A really great day on the bike.

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  1. Awesome! Friday was beautiful! I was looking for you on the trail around the Severna Park area, but it looks like you were busy