Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Ride Around the River and a Little Maintenance

The new fenders needed more adjustment than expected to get them set right, but they do have the clearance I was looking for with the fat tires.

After getting them set I went 'round the river and enjoyed the cool, sunny day. Stopped at Baltimore Tea and Coffee for an Egg and Bagel sandwich and a delicious cuppa.

When I got back I replaced the chain and cleaned the rest of the drive train. Ready for another week of commuting.

Garmin connect still won't accept any uploads. But the same track load just fine to Frustrating.


  1. It won't upload my routes either mate, seems a problem their end I think?

  2. I had trouble with Garmin Connect upload this morning also. I finally got it to accept the upload when I asked it to upload a specific file rather than all new files. You are right. Frustrating. Your blinking light mounted on your fork this morning was visible long before I could see you or the bike.

  3. Glad it's not just me having issues on Garmin Connect.

    Thanks Rev - good to know the investment in lighting works.