Saturday, April 16, 2011

4 Guys and Another Guy - Big Send Off

About 10 of us from the SPP met at the Big Bean coffee shop to send off the 4 Guys and Another Guy fleche team. A fleche is a 24 hour team ride. All participating teams finish at the same place at approximately the same time. This year the finish is at a Marriott in Arlington, VA. Each team is riding a different route over 24 hours to finish at the Marriott tomorrow morning for breakfast. The event details are here

SPP's 4 guys + 1 team will ride north to PA then west and south through MD, West Virginia and VA in a big arc to arrive at the finish. Neat that they planned the start right here in our back yard. After coffee and snacks the team posed for photos, got their control cards signed and were off. We followed for about a 1/2 mile then wished them well and broke off.

Next up was the weekly club ride to Annapolis where we enjoyed another snack (we like coffee shops) and watched the winds build up and whip the flags downtown. Then a quick ride back home. A nice start to the morning. The teams will likely face some wet weather but I'm sure they'll all do fine. I shot some video. I'll get it edited and posted later.

Next up, a day with the kids and sports. Day 16 of #30daysofbiking complete.

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