Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Commuting and Pizza

Met Bill C for the ride to work this A.M. It was balmy and the ride was uneventful. Nice to have partner along. The forecast made clear we shouldn't expect the same for the ride home.

It was much cooler when we met for the return ride, and there was some light rain, but not the heavy showers forecast. Also a bit of a headwind.

Bill and I parted company at the Rusty Bridge as usual and I continued to Squizzito's for the first weekly Tuesday Night Pizza Ride of the season. Of course I was the only one there who arrived on a bike. Had a nice dinner with Janet, John, Ben and Ben's wife Rachel. Very nice lady, I'd not had the pleasure previously of meeting Rachel. We all encouraged her to bring her bike out and join us for a Saturday bagel ride to Annapolis.

After the pizza and a couple of beers I returned home. Still dry as the heavy showers just never happened.

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