Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 21 - A nice round trip to work

Set out a little later than usual this A.M. Sun was up and the temps were pleasant, just cool enough to require arm warmers and a light weight liner under my padded bike gloves. There was also a bit of a head wind but it was just a nice morning to be out.

I met Earl at White's road. He was on his way home from the 5:45 ride and we stopped briefly to exchange pleasantries. Then I was off to the salt mines, the head wind just enough to add a little more to the work out.

The ride home was awesome. Temps near 60 I could pack the glove liners and arm warmers away and just ride, with a tail wind too!

Erik had another game at Cypress park and I got there in time to catch several innings. My Father also came to see him play. Amazing how much he's grown in a year and how much better he and his teammates grasp the fundamentals now. It's really fun to watch.

A lot of chatter on the mailing lists today. The SPP has the big ride coming up to Ocean City in a week and the logistics of who will go round trip and who needs to shuttle home Saturday evening require a bit of coordination but it's all coming together.

Chip Adams also published his ride report from the Fleche last weekend. Quite a feat as these guys had to not only keep moving in torrential rains and strong winds but had to keep improvising their route around roads closed by the authorities due to flooding. Quite the "Epic" ride. I know that description gets overused but I think it applies to the 4 Guys and Another Guy team and the 237 mile journey they completed in just 24 stormy hours. If Chip give's his O.K. I'll re-post it here. It is worthy of preservation.

Day 21 of #30daysofbiking complete.

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