Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 22 - Friendly Friday Then Work and Home

Met the 5:45 riders at the R.B. for our weekly breakfast ride to Annapolis.  10 of us met at the R.B. for ride to Annapolis.  Four Guys and Another Guy got to retell the fleche tales for the umpteenth time this week with a new audience.  I don't think they mind.  To a man they said they'd do it again, though they did have a few lessons learned to do differently next time.

At breakfast I met up with old friends Keith and Mark who I haven't seen in a while.  Great to visit and catch up.  Then Earl joined me for the ride to work near BWI.  He seemed to be having trouble getting is mojo by as we approached his turnout to go home he rode past and committed to stick with me the whole way to the airport.  I think he enjoyed the longer morning ride as much as I did.

The ride home wasn't so great.  Cool and rainy.  Getting wet is not so bad, I had my rain jacket.  But the mess to clean up on the bike, and my clothes is gross. 

Big weekend coming up.  I'm riding the Tour de Carrol with my uncle Dave Waas tomorrow.  Daughter Taylor is home from college any minute and then we all get to celebrate Easter.  Looking forward to it.

Day 22 complete.  Ciao.

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