Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 24 and 25 - #30daysofbiking

Day 24  - Easter Sunday -

Recovery from the 100K on Saturday, and a busy family day kept me at the bare minimum to keep my 30 days pledge.  At 9:30 in the evening after all the day's celebrations were done I rode 1.5 miles 'round the hood.    I hope everyone had as wonderful a day on Easter as the Binnix Family.

Day 25 - One way to work.

I rode the bike in to work.  Nice warm morning. Saw Earl and Lori in their car as Earl dropped Lori at work at the hospital then confirmed in a subsequent note that he was off to a morning ride.  Otherwise uneventful.  Eldest daughter Taylor was home for Easter and had to catch a lunch time flight back to school. So she drove to my office at noon, turned over the truck to me and I deposited her at the terminal.  After the whistle blew I placed the bike and my other accoutrements in the truck to drive home.

It will be an inconsistent week for mileage with sailing, sports, scouts and other such competing for my time and attention. But then on Saturday we have the big club ride to Ocean City. Very much looking forward to that. Should be a great day.

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