Friday, April 8, 2011

Fighting for Every Mile

The winter was a disappointment for me. I finished my R-12 last December and my mileage in Jan and Feb fell significantly. Work was busy, the weather was lousy, and maybe I just needed a break. Okay, slowing down a little on the pedaling is no crime. But I packed on several pounds along the way. Very frustrating. I worked hard to loose those pounds only to find them again sitting on my A** over the winter.

In late March as spring emerged I came roaring back and finished at a great clip. I logged 300 miles in the last 10 days of March and lost several pounds. Things were looking up.

But at every turn this week I'm back to fighting myself for time on the bike. Today was typical. I woke to light rain and 45 deg temps. I set out anyway, hoping to catch a couple of the others from the club for the Friday ride to Annapolis for breakfast. It was not to be, so I rode solo. I skipped the hills on Old County and just stayed on the trail wondering if I should have worn the rain pants in addition to the jacket. My legs were getting damp and cold despite doing all the work.

I arrived in Annapolis and enjoyed a great breakfast with Charlie, Rod, Doug, Earl and Jeff. Maybe today would turn out well despite the dodgy weather. RING!!! Work started abruptly with more drama than I care to recount, while I was still savoring my second cup of coffee with friends in my favorite greasy spoon diner in downtown Annapolis. Back to reality. I had to accept a ride from Earl and get back home to a computer quickly. My bike just barely fit in his back seat. Thank you sir for the lift.

But #30daysofbiking is still in tact. 8 down, 22 left. I guess it could be worse. This concludes Mike's whining for the week. Thank for stopping by. Look for more sunny posts and a chance to play with the video camera again this weekend.

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