Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happiness is a clean bike

I had to take a road trip to Richmond, VA for work today. That required an early start so there would be no morning ride. I scheduled to have the Surly overhauled at BDA while I was away and it worked out nicely.

After riding all winter the effects on the machine from salt, grime, and wet riding are obvious. I'm sure better bike hygiene on my part could alleviate some of that but salt inside cable housings and other hard to reach places would happen anyway. So each spring I've signed up for Bike Doctor's overhaul service. New cables and housings, and a deep cleaning of everything. All fittings, bearings and seals checked and attended to as needed.

Wow I hardly recognized it. So shiny, and it shifted like a dream. It was already getting dark as I set out but the weather was glorious and it felt great to get out after spending the day in a car and meetings.

Best of luck to @revrider tomorrow, the weekend storms forced some juggling of his brevet schedule so he's tackling another R-12 ride solo. He should enjoy great weather, wish I could break away and join him.

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