Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Monday and Tuesday - Catch up post

The weekend was occupied with a camping trip with Cub Scouts.  GREAT fun for all the boys, their dads and a few brave moms who joined us.

But come Monday morning I was feeling the pressure to get an early start at work and drove in.  Got a lot done and got a nice ride in Monday evening.  Out to Sandy Point and down through St. Margarets to the river, then home via Boulters and the Trail.

Today started with a lousy forecast and I almost bagged the bike ride.  But a timely text from Bill C to try and coordinate our commutes got me up and moving. We couldn't synch our schedules and never did see each other.  But two exchanges via text message was enough peer pressure to get me moving.  I'm really glad he did.  The actual weather was much nicer than the forecast I never got wet either direction.  As the forecast cleared the SPP put out word for a Tuesday Pizza ride and I met them at Squizitos for a salad, a slice and a beer.  Thanks Bill for getting me moving.

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