Sunday, May 29, 2011

Slow down and smell the Coffee

My writing muse as been missing in action lately, but I've been on the bike regularly and feeling great, commuting, and bopping around Annapolis and Serverna Park with the club.  I've also enjoyed riding with Bill C while commuting to and from work. This has become a regular partnership to the extent that we can synchronize our schedules.  All good stuff.

The holiday weekend has presented some wonderful riding so far.  After the club ride yesterday broke up, Chris and I set a date to ride again this morning.  We managed to draw Bob C out too and the three of us enjoyed a great Sunday morning.

From the Park N Ride at Jones Station we rode down through Annapolis and out to the Caribou Coffee in Crofton.  It's gonna be a hot day, but at 7:00 it was pleasantly cool and the wind flat calm.  We kept the pace easy and enjoyed watching the world wake up on a lazy Sunday morning.  The horse farms south of Genl's Hwy are especially peaceful this time of day.  At Caribou we enjoyed a cuppa joe and a gnash then returned through Millersville to complete a lap around the River.

25+ riders together in a big pack can be an exciting experience and a lot of fun.  But sometimes a ride with two or three friends can be the perfect way to spend a morning.  I'll stop there before I break out in Kumbay Yah or something.  I enjoyed the company gentlemen, thanks.

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