Friday, May 13, 2011

Sometimes It's good to miss the excitement

Friday's are great. I get to ride in the morning with my friends to Annapolis for breakfast then off to work. Sometimes by bike, sometimes by car, depending on the evening plans.  But the morning is always a good way to kick off the weekend.

This A.M. we had better turnout than usual. Chris hasn't been out on the bike in a while but joined us for the ride to Annapolis, Dave too, Janet and 9 others.

The ride down was at a social pace, we had a great time catching up with one another.  The weather was nice.  Once downtown Dave and I split from the pack to meet Rod, Doug and Doug for breakfast at Chick -n- Ruth's while the rest went to Hard Bean.

Dave recently completed the Boston Marathon and has agreed to be my "coach" as start running a bit to diversify my exercise and try to get my weight trending down again.  So we used the ride home to lay plans for starting my running program.  At Jones Station Rd I broke off to head home for a shower and then drive in to work.

So far nothing really remarkable.  But after my shower I saw a cryptic email from Bryan, who had been out that morning.  "The answer is what goes thump thump thump thump?  Now what is the question?"

A few minutes later Earl responds "What sound does Janet's bike make after breakfast?"

I had just ridden to Annapolis with them but we were apart for the ride home. What on earth were they referring to?

Well Earl settled the matter a few minutes later when he posted his blog.  First I'll spoil a few details for you:  the squirrel didn't make it, and no bikes or riders were hurt during this incident.  Those with a weak stomach should stop here.  Those who choose to continue be warned, the following tale is not for the squeamish.....

Friday the 13th was unlucky for this creature

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