Monday, July 4, 2011

America the Beautiful

Today I escorted my sons and a couple of the other Cub Scouts from Pack 858 as we rode our bikes in the Severna Park Independence Day Parade.  It's the quintessential small town parade: fire trucks, small businesses, politicians in convertibles, MS Maryland made an appearance, churches, bands, sports teams and of course the Scouts.  Several thousand people turned out to watch.  We had fun celebrating the birth of our great nation.  There was a picnic at the park where the parade ended with hot dogs and snow cones for the kids.

It was just a fun day for all of our neighbors to come out and celebrate what's right with our country.  We have some big challenges ahead.  As we debate different approaches to those challenges and competing visions for our country's future, let's try to remember that we are all neighbors and let's try to keep in mind what we were celebrating today.  I think we'll be  just a little bit stronger for it.

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  1. I like America and have always got along with the folks from the States that I've met. Very nice people.

    For me, America has always been an ideal, a way things could be. But as always with great ideals & ideas, human beings get in the way.

    It's trendy in the "right on" international community to knock America, but you have got more right than you have got wrong.

    If you can stay true to your Constitution then you should be ok.

    Hope you yours had a good 4th of July mate