Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Blogging Again

A New Approach

Hello and thanks for stopping by.  I took some time off from the blog the last month or so to re-consider what I was trying to do and say.  I probably won't be posting daily summaries any more:  I rode my bike today, I went to work, I stopped and got a bagel.  It was getting dull to write about and I can only imagine how it read if you weren't there. I read and enjoy blogs that DO summarize daily activity.  If one writes well, the routine can be compelling.  But I don't see myself as such a gifted communicator.  So my posts will be a little less frequent.  I'll keep the mileage tracker up to date and I'll write a post when I have something I think is worth sharing.  Big rides, periodic summaries of my activity, and observations from the road.  I may wander in to other aspects of life off the bike too: family, work, and maybe even a few thoughts on the dysfunctional drama that is U.S. national politics (gasp!)

With this new approach I've gotten my own web domain: and I even set the background to a photo I took myself.  You're impressed, right?

A slow month in June.

In my athletic endeavors, June fell short of my expectations.  I only biked about 500 miles, I ate too much and packed on a couple of pounds. The goal was 850 miles and to loose a couple of pounds.  No excuses, I just lost focus.

Mixing It Up

But I have started mixing up my activity.  Dave is a long time friend, all the way back to our days as Boy Scouts and team mates on the High School track and cross country teams.  He's an accomplished marathon runner and tri-athlete.  Now he's coaching me as I take up running for the first time since college.  He's helped me devise a training plan to get ready for a 10 K race in September, The Dogfish Dash

Biking has helped me develop good cardio vascular conditioning; and my legs have grown significantly stronger in the last two years.... for turning the pedals.  I can ride for a 100 miles with minimal breaks.  But running for even short intervals causes muscles and tendons to ache that I'd long forgotten.  It'll be an interesting summer getting ready for the Dash.  I'll write about that a bit more in another post.

To the Beach

This week I'm wrapping up projects at work and getting ready to head with my family to our annual vacation at the beach.  I'm very much looking forward to that.  Like last  year, I plan to ride from home to the shore after packing the vehicles.  Tivy and our teenage son Justin will drive the gear and young ones down and meet me there Saturday afternoon.   Just two more days in the office, then freedom!!