Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Consistency is the key

I've known for a long time that consistent training and exercise is the key to consistently improving performance.  And "performance" in this context can be loosely defined.  What's your objective: weight loss?  improved stamina and health? ride 1 mph faster on average?  Chances are most of these will improve in unison if you train consistently.  I've not been very consistent the last couple of months and it's been gnawing at me.  I've encouraged new riders who ask for my input to ride every day.  "20 miles per day will do you more good than 40 miles every other day." Is the how I try to explain.  But if you check out my Garmin logs you'll see that it's been rare that I string more than 2-3 days in a row on the bike since the 30 day challenge back in April. 

This morning two friends reinforced this point for me.  I don't think they had me specifically in mind when the sat at a keyboard and noted their thoughts.  I'm a hundred miles away on vacation and haven't seen or ridden with either in over a week.  Though I do have plans to ride with Earl tomorrow.  Yet there it was on Earl's blog this morning.  Later Jeff would post similar thoughts to club mailing list about how poorly he felt getting out of bed and how much better he felt after riding this morning, noting also that he hadn't been consistent lately.

So I'll be paying more attention to how many days each week I throw my leg over the bike.  Today makes three in a row and I have a date with Earl for a 200K tomorrow, so of course that commitment will be plenty of motivation to get me up and moving for number 4.  Thursday will be the true test.  I need to get up and put in a light 20 miles + Thursday to work off the lactic acid from tomorrow and to keep my own commitment to consistency.

Today's 30 miles was fun.  I know I have a big day tomorrow so I set a shorter goal than the last few days and I watched my heart rate, shooting to keep it under 130 with a nice consistent cadence.  It's exactly what I'll need on the flats of lower VA shore tomorrow.

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