Thursday, July 28, 2011


I need goals. If there's not something I'm reaching for I quickly revert to a sleepy couch potato.  On the way to work this morning I cleared 850 miles for the month, which is the goal I set for this month when setting my "schedule" for the year.  Of course not all months have gone so well.  I set out in January to see if I could ride 9000 miles this year.  As I write this I'm still 620 miles behind schedule for the year.  So with this month's quota out of the way. Every mile I ride the next three days makes up for miles missed when I wasn't being so diligent.  The stretch goal now is to get to 1000 miles this month and see if I can do it again next month (the Aug plan is also 850 set at the beginning of the year).

This morning I saw Dana Dobbs.  He was on his triathlon bike spinning and ensuring it was correctly dialed in for a race this weekend.  He's looked after me often at the bike shop and I understand from my nephews he is quite a stern task master as a teacher at Broadneck High School.   Good guy and easy to root for when he competed in the Hawaii Iron Man last fall.

This evening's ride home wasn't has hot or humid as I'd feared.  I took the Dicus Mill route again, the descent is much nicer when sure footed on dry pavement.

Tomorrow is the Friendly Friday ride with SPP to breakfast then to work and finally home in the evening. Should be close to 60 miles and take a nice bite out my last 118 towards 1000.  Can I entice Earl to ride with me to the office in the morning?

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