Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Peer pressure

Last week I noted that consistency is key to success.  Then promptly took 4 days off the bike; ugh. Plenty of excuses: it was HOT, I was on vacation and didn't want to get up early, the kids wanted me to spend time with them....    and one could easily have served a little cheese to go with all of that whine!!

I find peer pressure a useful tool to help achieve consistency.  At the beach on vacation, I had a wonderful time with my family, but no cyclists in the bunch to apply the gentle nudge (or violent shove when needed) to get me on the bike. On the contrary, the extended family beyond my wife and kids thought I was nuts riding as much as I did.  I'm back home now and riding with friends it's a little easier to find the motivation; like this rather pointed reminder (challenge?) from Earl.  Thanks.

I got another surprise when Chris sent me an email suggesting we ride home together and join the other SPPers at Squizitos tonight for dinner.  He had ridden in to the train station to catch his train to work and we'd be going the same way anyway.  Good to catch up.

So just over 40 miles on the day; and I feel great.  G'night all.

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