Monday, July 25, 2011


First day back at work was rather uneventful.  That's a good thing after two weeks of vacation.  This vacation was the least disrupted by work, that I've had the last few years, very nice. Had a great time at the beach with the kids, sailing, swimming, and of course biking.

Rode to work and back.  Took a new route home, WB&A --> Burns Crossing --> Dicus Mill Rd --> Benfield.  Adds a mile or so to taking WB&A to Tompson and over to New Cut.  Not sure how I felt about the winding decent on Dicus Mill on wet pavement as there were showers earlier in the afternoon.  But I think it will do to add a little variety occasionally.  Gonna try and stretch the ride a little both ways this week and see if I can't crack 1000 miles for the month.  May have to ride a century this weekend to make it work.

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