Sunday, July 10, 2011

To the Beach!!

Had a great ride to the shore yesterday.  Things started looking up Friday evening.  I was checking off "to do's" at work at a furious pace so I could be away and be reasonably sure I'd be unmolested by my electronic leash (mobile phone) while I was gone.

Then I got a text from Chris asking if I'd like some company for the first few miles of my trip to the beach.  Now a good afternoon was looking great.  We set a plan and met at the Park N Ride at Jones Station Rd and Ritchie Hwy at 05:00 on Saturday morning.  Chris drove us over the Bay Bridge, even obliged me and stopped for coffee and a breakfast sandwich on the way.

We clipped in at the middle school in Stevensville at 05:45 and set off.   It's been a while since Chris and I had a chance to ride like that it was fun to catch up.  He stayed with me as far as Centreville then had to turn back for home and get ready to host the celebration of his parents-in-law 60th Wedding Anniversary!!  Happy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs Smith!!

The rest of day solo was wonderful.  As the sun came up and it warmed up an odd thing happened for Maryland in July...  the humidity fell!  The haze cleared and it got to be downright pleasant as I toured the corn fields of the Eastern Shore and Delaware.

There was a very light breeze from the north.  Just enough to appreciate it whenever I came to a complete stop.  Last year when Dave made the trip with me we had much hotter and more humid conditions.  We also didn't plan our water supply correctly for the rather long stretch from Greensboro, MD to Milton, DE without passing a convenience store, gas station or other easy water supply.  Eventually we simply stopped at a home and were treated wonderfully by the lady of the house.

This year I enjoyed more mild conditions though it was till warm, with temps above 80 deg F most of the day.  In Ridgley, MD (5 miles before Greensboro) I topped off the camelback and three water bottles.  I was now carrying over 3/4 of a gallon of water. I was prepared for this stretch even if it was a touch cooler.  It worked out just about right.  I was down to less than half a bottle by the time I rolled in to Milton just after 11 am.  

Of course I stopped at the Dog Fish Head brewery in Milton where they have a tasting room that is always serving free samples of their latest brew.  Even before lunch they were open and happy to serve me as I was wearing one of their jerseys.  I generally avoid bike jersey's that are commercials for someone else's product, but the art work on the DFH makes it look like there are beer bottles sticking out of the back pockets, it's a classic.  And I really enjoy many of their beers.  They are constantly experimenting and offering new ales.  Yesterday's tasting featured their Namaste, which they describe as a Belgian-style white.  Very tasty.  If you roll in to the tasting room with their jersey on and announce you pedaled 80 miles to get there, they treat you well!!

While enjoying the tasting room and visiting with the employees and other visitors, I got a text from my eldest son that he was already on the way to Lewes in my truck.  So after a tasty samples at DFH I decided lunch could wait until I finished the final 12 miles.  I met Justin and we enjoyed a delicious lunch at Irish Eyes pub on their deck by the canal in Lewes.  Then we checked in with realtor to collect the keys to our rental.  After unloading the truck I carted my umbrella and a towel across the street to the beach where I enjoyed a cool dip and a refreshing nap on the beach.

Vacation has started out very well!!

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