Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tour of Southern Anne Arundel

Set out this morning at 04:00 with Dave, Matt and Alex to ride the new RUSA populaire route that Dave put together: Tour of Southern Anne Arundel.  The route is essentially the northern half of the Sailing Down to Solomons 200K permanent.

I signed on because at 102K (63.5 miles) the distance was exactly what I needed to round out 1000 miles for the month of July.  I did it!!  The others were looking for a slightly longer workout and the early start suited all of us to beat the heat and allow time for the rest of the day with family, church, chores, etc.

At 04:00 we beat the heat and the traffic.  The first half to Chesapeake Beach was entirely in the dark.  We set a crisp pace and with no traffic could ride 2 x 2 and talk while we rode.  We arrived at the turn around just in time to see a great sunrise over The Bay.

Matt took this shot along Fairhaven Rd just north of Chesapeake / North Beach.

Sunrise over The Bay. Courtesy of Matt Kisner

About half way back I picked up a sharpie in the rear wheel. Otherwise the ride was without incident. It was Alex' first RUSA event, it put me over 1000 miles for July and capped a big week with 281 miles in 7 days.

After we got home I took my two youngest sons out to celebrate. We had breakfast at the The Breakfast Shoppe in Severna Park. I had a 3 foot stack of pancakes, a dozen eggs, and a pound of bacon. Well not quite, but I was famished and enjoyed a hearty meal, then came home and took a nap. A good Sunday all around.

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