Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wandering Around Lower Slower DE

Southern DE often goes by the nick name "Lower Slower Delaware".  The economy of the area is split between agriculture and beach tourism.  I'm obviously here participating in the later.  The exact origins of the nickname will likely never be known.  Some visitors use it derogatorily (sp?) when things don't live up to their hyper charged lives back home.  Cell phone service can be spotty, convenience stores aren't open at all hours, there is not a fast food joint on every corner, business can still be done with a handshake for many services.  These and other aspects of life here can be either infuriating or endearing depending on ones perspective. My family and I keep coming back for vacation because we love the place.

Today I rode through the shore towns of Slaughter Beach, Prime Hook and Broadkill Beach.  They epitomize this less hectic lifestyle and they are lovely. Mostly residential strips along the beach with only a small general store to acknowledge commerce of any type.  Specifically I was looking for a control point that could be used in Slaughter Beach to develop a randonneuring permanent route of at least 200K based on Chip Adam's annual "Flat Bread" brevet.  The brevet runs at a scheduled time when we know businesses will be open to provide a receipt and initial our control card as "proof of passage" to the riders passing through.  A permanent route is ridden at the rider's preferred schedule so the means for establishing passage must be flexible enough to accommodate a rider at almost any time of day.

The general store in Slaughter Beach is open 8 - 6 pm six days a week, closed on Tuesdays.  Similarly the Broadkill store is open 7am to 6pm seven days a week.  The Broadkill store also by the way makes a delicious chicken salad sandwich.

So open businesses in these little strips may not support riders at any hours.  We'll have to either route the ride away from the beach to the larger "metropolis" cities of Milton or Milsboro where one can find a Seven-Eleven open all night, use an "Information Control" that asks the rider to answer a trivia question he could only know if he was actually there, or may be in spirit of Lower Slower DE we could simply restrict the perm hours to days / times when these establishments are open.  We'll see.


  1. Slaughter Beach and Broadkill Beach???

    Great names, wonder how they got them?

  2. Don't know what the origins are. If we get a rainy day perhaps I'll spend a little time researching that on Google.