Sunday, August 28, 2011

Community Service Ride

I met several other SPPers for a post hurricane ride to see to community and how much damage was sustained.  Fortunately Irene spared us her worst.  There are many down trees and the resulting power outages, including my own home, will linger for days.  But overall it wasn't really that destructive in our area.

We stopped and cleared what we could from the trail where we encountered fallen trees or limbs blocking the path.  One in particular between Severn and Boulters was too big for us to muster without a chain saw to break it up first.  Another across Boulters Way dragged some power lines down to the road and was guarded by a county police office who refused to let us pass even though we could see a clear path under the wires.  So we took MD 450 instead and came back the same way, just as we often do in the winter when the path hasn't been cleared of snow.

So after doing our small part to aid the cleanup we finally made it down town Annapolis.  It was mobbed, everyone enjoying the nice clear evening and dining out if they didn't have power at home.  We settled on the Severn Inn back on the north side of the river and enjoyed beer and appetizers on the deck.

Tomorrow it's back to the daily grind at work.

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  1. It's nice to see the community spirit is strong after such an event. Hope everything is back to normal soon.