Sunday, August 14, 2011

Consolation Ride

Plans this morning to ride an early 100K populaire were scuttled when the forecast for "scattered showers" turned in to a tempest with driving rain, wind, and lightning. 

I got a consolation ride in this afternoon, 20 miles between showers.   That rounds out 200 miles for the week, and 4 weeks in a row where I've ridden 200+ miles from Mon-Sun. 6 weeks straight with an average of 200/week, includes one week at 179 miles.  I feel pretty good about that string but had hopes for a bit more this weekend.

I'm traveling for work tomorrow morning and will return Wednesday evening.  That may make 200 miles tough to hit Thu through Sunday. We'll see.

It was the realization that 200 miles / week for 50 weeks a year would get me 10000 miles for a year that makes that an attractive marker.  10,000 miles is out of reach this calendar year but if I can keep that pace going through the end of this year, I should still reach my 9000 mile goal for the year and I'll be riding strong in to the winter for a good start to next year.

The Surly's getting a bit of a make over.  A front rack, good sized bar bag, new fenders, new bar, leather wrap in lieu of bar tape, and ultimately a new rear rack are all in the works.  I've been tackling them in stages.  Front rack, bar bag and fenders done.  So far so good.  I'll post picks and write a bit more about the project once it's all complete.

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