Saturday, August 6, 2011

A pleasant surprise

After 9 straight days at an average of 40 miles per day I was ready for a break and took Wednesday and Thursday off of the bike this week.   It was a good choice.  I felt great Friday and again today.

Friendly Friday with the bike club was fun.  It was clear and the humidity was low.  Breakfast sitting outside at the dock with friends was a treat. It would have been very easy to just ride on and skip work.  But of course I couldn't really do that. Earl joined me for the ride from Annapolis to work.  Always fun riding with Earl. 

After work I rode to church where I met my family.  My teen age daughters Jessi and Morgan were counselors at the day camp the church ran all week.  My youngest sons, Zach and Erik were campers.  The camp emphasize spiritual education through performing arts and final presentation of the Old Testament as a musical by the campers was priceless.

This morning I rode to Annapolis with the club.  After coming back up the trail I continued north a few extra miles to the Ranger Station then stopped for another snack at the Big Bean.  The surprise came while I was sitting by the trail sipping my coffee and reading.   Isaias and his friend Maxine rode up and stopped to join me.  Maxine is training for a 24 hour ride coming up in Columbia to raise money for the Livestrong Foundation.  24 hrs to make as many laps as you can around a 2.4 mile loop.   Isaias had to declare his frame a total loss last weekend when the threads of his bottom bracket stripped in such a way that it couldn't be recovered.  Today he was sporting his new Ridely cyclocross ride. He says it feels great and seems to be really enjoying it.  We watched the world running, walking and riding by while we caught up and solved the world's problems.

After a short visit I headed back home to rejoin the family for the rest of the weekend.  A bike cleaning will fit in there somewhere. 

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