Tuesday, August 9, 2011


It seems it's been my turn to entertain the puncture fairy this week.  This afternoon I got out of the office a few minutes later than I had planned and still planned to ride all the way down to Millersville Rd before turning towards SP to meet the Tuesday pizza ride at SQs.

The pavement was wet after an earlier shower and sure enough I picked up another piece of glass.  The time to change the tire cost me enough that I cut it short and rode over Grove Rd and Brightview.

Made it to dinner by 7 and enjoyed a salad at Squizito's with the Bodines.  Then I made up the miles with a loop around my neighborhood before arriving home.  40.1 miles on the day.

But that was my third puncture in the last week.  Each time I found a sharpie and removed it.  No ghosts or wire splinters hidden in the tire.  Just plain bad luck.

Okay miss puncture, please go entertain someone else.

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