Thursday, August 11, 2011

Today's Public Service Announcement....


This from a thread on our bike club mailing list today, posted by a member who suffered a tough fall last evening

"I will say that the helmet did an admirable job of keeping my noggin safe. The doctors thought that I might have some head trauma due to the force of the impact but after a few tests everything looks good and the helmet barley has any noticeable damage. There's a small chunk of foam missing in the front, probably from the impact. Rest of the helmet looks unscathed.

Also the road ID came in handy. I got a lot of compliments about it from the e.r. staff since they were able to pull my emergency contact info from there since my phone batt[ery] was dead" [sic]

He reports two broken clavicles,sternum and a rib or two, but none will require surgery and he expects to be back on the bike after two months or less of convalescence.  He was discharged from the hospital and sent home this evening after only one day.

I think the message here is obvious, the missing chunk of foam kept his head off of the broken list.  The Road ID got the e.r. staff in touch with his family and medical history in short order. We should all remember both lessons.

I wear a RoadID because many club members wear it and it's the first such product I was introduced to.  There are several other similar products/services out there that address the same concern.  Give the athlete an easy to wear id token that is unlikely to become separated from him in an accident.  The code on the id let's the medics unlock your medical history and contact list (on line, by phone, etc) to better take care of you if you can't speak for yourself.  You decide what info to record with the service that the medics can access.  I'm endorsing the concept more than RoadID's specific product, though their service seems reasonably priced, and the wrist form I selected is easy and comfortable to wear.

Heal quickly friend, we're glad it wasn't any worse and looking forward to having you back on the road with us.


Today was gorgeous day for riding.  Enjoyed the trips to work and home again in such nice weather.  Also put me over 5000 miles for the year!

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