Friday, September 23, 2011

An easy pace for Friday

My wife and are traveling this weekend to see our oldest daughter at college in North Carolina.   So my routine is starting a little differently today.  Rather than riding from breakfast in Annapolis all the way to the office I simply came back home.  After a half day of work chores from here we'll set out around noon time.

The trail and roads are wet from rain overnight and more expected today.  Though we lucked out and had a nice break from the time I left at 5:15 until I returned home at 7:45.  Friday tradition and the wet conditions kept the pace down and we could enjoy a conversational pace.  9 riders were out this AM and 7 of us went on to breakfast.

I joined the riders this A.M. at the Hard Bean for breakfast instead of C & R and we had a great time then back home to wrap up work stuff and off to visit the young lady who used to be my little girl.  She's still mine, but she's no little girl any more.  Proud of her.

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