Saturday, September 3, 2011

Football by bicycle

The challenge:

Erik's Football game at 10:45 at Kinder Park
Navy Football tailgate party Navy Marine Corps Stadium 12:30
Navy Football kickoff 3:30 - but I need to leave the party for Zach's game
Zach's Football game at 16:00 at Kinder Park

How to get out of Annapolis just as the game is about to start and traffic is at it's worst?  The answer was obvious; "commute" to the games by bicycle.  That way I'd be largely immune to traffic.

I started the day at 7 and met the SPP for the bagel ride.  I skipped the Bay Ridge loop after bagels and returned straight home with Chip.  That was a great chance to hear about his PBP adventure in France.  It was quite a ride.  I'll post his summary here once he sends it out.  But the support he got when his frame cracked re-enforces the best in human nature and even casts the French in a pretty good light.

I then proceeded to each game by bicycle; had a great time, and racked up over 60 miles on the day.  I would have liked to have stayed and actually watched the Navy game but the overlap with Zach's game made that impossible. So I enjoyed the tailgate party with several Navy classmates including my old room mate Donny Wright then bid them adieu and pedaled back up the trail to Zach's game.  Eric, Zach and Navy all won.  It was a fun day, my commuting plan worked perfectly and I was largely immune to traffic.

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