Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday rides

Met the club for the Friday breakfast ride to Annapolis this morning.  Other than a little wet pavement it was an uneventful ride.  On the way to work after breakfast I helped an older teen who was riding a kid's BMX style bike that was way too small for him.  The crank was loose, he used my multi-tool to tighten it up and we each went on our way.   Later I met Isaias O'daniell coming the opposite way.  We stopped and spent a few minutes catching up.  He's on a mission to catch the leaders of the Endomondo mileage challenge.  He has quite a task, but he seems determined.  The ride home this evening was uneventful.

Weekend plans changed a bit.  Instead of Tivy and I heading to NJ, Justin is coming home for his birthday.  Football tomorrow and bike rides are still on.

The power company is making progress re-connecting the final customers to the grid.  Earl had a big day, he got a new bike and his lights came on.  The pics of his new fixie look nice, a bit of retro look with clean lines like a fixie should have. 

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