Saturday, September 10, 2011

Making up some miles...

No excuses.. I was a weather wimp this week and stayed off the bike while the left overs of Tropical Storm Lee thoroughly soaked the area.  We had more rain this week than we often get in a month.  It just kept falling and falling and falling.  By Wednesday every creek, slough, and river was full to bursting, at which point road surfaces and bridges starting giving way.  Several in the club continued to ride each morning.  More than once I went to bed and resolved to join them in the morning. Each morning I'd see the curtain of rain in the street lamp near our driveway and opted for an extra hour of sleep instead.

So finally this morning I got on the bike and joined the club for the Saturday "Bagel" ride to Annapolis.  It felt great to get back on the bike.  After coffee and a breakfast sandwich at City Dock I rode out to Arundel High School in Odenton to watch my youngest son Erik, play football.  He and his team carried themselves well but were outplayed by Crofton and lost 19 - 0.  So they are now 1-1 on the season and still have some opportunity to keep improving.

Then I felt compelled to make up for a few of the miles I missed this week and headed up Burns Crossing Rd towards the airport.  A small section of Burns Crossing has been closed because the road surface was washed out where it crosses Severn Run near Old Mill Rd.

From Biking 2011
This one shows the damage to the road surface on Burns Crossing Rd.

From Biking 2011
Here's the debris pushed by the flooding creek up against the guard rail. The creek flows from the left just out of view of this shot.

Amazing what the force of water can do.  A bulletin on the AA County Police Dept page indicated officers had to help a couple stranded in the running water Wednesday evening at this location.  The elderly gentleman lost his footing and fell in to the water, the police had to hold him up so he could breath until additional officers arrived and they could safely help them out of the flood.  I think we're well served by the AA County PD.

From here I continued up and around the Airport Loop. On the east side of the airport about a mile north of Dorsey Rd I encountered another cyclist who had stopped and was sitting on a bench holding is phone in one hand and balancing his bike with the other.  Most riders and runners sitting on these benches are simply stopping to rest or to take a call on the phone.  I'm not sure what made me ask if he was okay but I'm glad I did.  He wasn't.  He was feeling faint and had just called 911.  I stowed his bike behind the bench, confirmed he had in fact reached the emergency dispatcher and then helped him lay down on the bench.  John remained conscious and answered my questions for the next couple of minutes until the cavalry arrived.  I left him in the capable hands of the BWI Airport Fire Dept paramedics.  The Dept of Transportation police also arrived and promised to look after his bike.  I hope all is well for him, but there was little else I could offer at that point and continued on my way.

After all of that I arrived back home about 2:30 pm.  Another 60 miles logged in.

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