Sunday, September 11, 2011

A slow, lazy tour of AA County

Motivation was weak this morning when I woke up.  I wanted to get 60 miles in to preserve my streak of 200-mile weeks (M-Sun).  I finally did make it out the door so beginning the week of July 18-24 my streak now stands at 8 consecutive weeks of 200 or more miles.

My first stop was Heroes Pub which opened early for the 9/11 anniversary to toast and remember the firefighters and other victims of that terrible day. It was packed.   I had a guiness and breakfast sandwich while visiting with a few of the firefighters and their families there.  As the place filled up it seemed making room for others after I finished my meal made more sense than having another pint or two.  So I said goodbye and moved on.

I took Defense Hwy West to Rutland Rd. towards Davidsonville and followed the familiar rando route for Sailing to Solomons.  My plan was to continue on Rt 2 south to Harwood Rd and then pick up the end of the route back to Davidsonville.  But washouts on Harwood Rd (still passable by bike) and Patuxent River Rd. (not passable even by bike) forced a detour.  I ultimately took Queen Anne Bridge Rd back to 214 and continued to Riva Rd to Annapolis.

I stopped in downtown Annapolis for another sandwich and a drink then finished the day by climbing up St. Margaret's Rd to Sandy Point and then home.   I'll notify Crista and Dave about the impact of the washed out roads on their respective permanent routes by email.

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