Thursday, September 1, 2011

Slowly getting back to normal

The disabled traffic lights, downed trees and other obstacles thrown along my commute by Hurricane Irene last weekend have mostly been cleared.  Power was restored to our home Wednesday afternoon.  Not all of my friends and neighbors are so fortunate.  There are plenty still without power.  Depending on their circumstances the impact of this ranges from mildly inconvenient to a critical health risk.  One friend relies on a well for water, no power, no well pump, no water.  He and his wife are experiencing all of this at significantly greater inconvenience than my family and I did.  Another friend has a child with significant, chronic medical challenges including the need for breathing support when she sleeps.  They have had to take turns keeping an eye on her through the night to make sure she isn't overcome by sleep apnea.  That's far beyond mere inconvenience.

If there's a silver lining in all of this it's been the weather.  Since the storm left the area Sunday afternoon the weather has been almost idyllic.  Low temps each night have been 58 - 62 deg F and highs during the day around 80 deg F.  Humidity has been low, the skies clear with no further rain and only light or calm winds the whole time (sailing races were cancelled last night due to lack of wind).  So no one has suffered from either heat or cold during all of this and the utility crews have not been hindered in their work by weather.

The great weather also made it easy to stay motivated and keep riding despite the other challenges of storm clean up.  After 5 straight days I took yesterday off.  Then this morning I joined the 5:45 ride with SPP and THEN rode on to work.  This evening I took the long way home for 55 miles on the day.  Tomorrow is the usual Friday breakfast ride with the opportunity for another big day on the bike.  Then a 3 day weekend.

It will be a busy, fun filled weekend. Football games Saturday for Erik, Zach and the Naval Academy.  On Sunday Tivy and I are driving up to The College of New Jersey to visit Justin for his birthday (do I really have a 19 year old son?) and Monday will likely be a nice long bike ride with the club.  Hmm, none of that leaves much time for yard work or chores does it?

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