Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekend at Elon

My wife and I traveled to Elon, NC this weekend to see our oldest daughter Taylor, now in her Junior year at Elon U.  I've known this for some time now, but it was quite apparent this weekend as Taylor introduced us to her friends and professors and shared a bit about her role as a resident assistant....  my little girl is now only a memory.   She's grown in to a beautiful, self assured young woman.   I miss her already.  We had a great weekend including an exiting football game. Elon beat The Citadel in overtime 18-15.

I took the bike and managed a couple of rides while we were there as well.  Saturday morning I got up at O Dark Thirty to get in a quick ride before we met Taylor for a full day.  I had also hoped to hit the local coffee shop right off campus and score my first of 7 Coffeeneuring Challenge rides.  But the coffee shop doesn't open until 9 am on Saturday's!!  So the coffeeneuring was a big "fail", but the ride was fun, though a little foggy and of course, dark.  I was glad to stretch my legs after the long car ride the night before.

Sunday I opted out of the receiving line at the University President's house and went for a longer ride through the central NC country side. It was great. At that hour on Sunday there was NO traffic. The fog was burning off slowly and the heavy dew was shining on the fields, the grass, even the spider webs. When I got back to Elon, The Acorn coffee shop (116 North Williamson Avenue, Elon, North Carolina) was open for business and bustling. I enjoyed a Pumpkin Latte and a chicken salad sandwich.  Coffeeneuring 1 / 7 complete.  Then caught up with Tivy and Taylor for another great day on campus.

The Acorn Biking 2011

A sandwich, pumpkin latte, and water at The Acorn.
Perfect post-ride meal. Biking 2011


  1. Although I've lived in NC (Chapel Hill + Raleigh) for most of the last 27 years, I'd never really understood where Elon was located. It took someone from the Chesapeake area to educate me! Guess rando buddy BikerBob, who lives in Graham, could fill me in more completely.

    The other thing I found interesting from this post is the roads you rode. Highways NC-87 and NC-54. I guess those seem low traffic and nearly back-roads and perhaps scenic to someone from a more congested area. To those that live here, or maybe it is just me, the interesting roads are those that are not state highways with 2-digit numbers. (Check out Alan Johnson's 200 km brevet route -- Region is NC: Raleigh -- you'll see what I mean.)

    Thanks for the report -- made for a nice diversion this morning.

  2. Those choices were expedient due to lack of proper planning / research ahead of time. I could figure that route in 10 min on Google Maps and get moving. I'm quite sure you're right that planning a proper route and getting off of the state highway would improve the scenery.

    The Elon campus is gorgeous. Definitely worth a stop during an extended ride some time.