Sunday, October 9, 2011

Coffeeneuring (3/7)

Had a great ride this morning with Chris and Bob to Caribou Coffee in Gambrils (2638 Chapel Lake Drive Gambrills, MD 21054).

Caribou is a real treat.  They serve an incredible sandwich with egg, cheese and sausage that has a hint of maple in it to sweeten it up.  The coffee selection is fantastic and very tasty.  I took a second cup in my thermos to go after we left.  We lingered there almost an hour enjoying the nice outside seating as the sun got a little higher and the morning warmed up.  The three of us hadn't ridden together in months and it was great to catch up.

After the coffee we continued to Annapolis and passed briefly through downtown Annapolis to gawk at the Sailboat Show crowds then we all returned home to resume the day with our families.

I may have committed a coffeeneuring foul. Chris snapped a picture of us at Caribou but I forgot to get one myself.  I will link to Chris' photo when it's up and throw myself on the mercy of the chief coffeeneuse.

This ride: 35.9 Miles

Bob and I at Caribou - Photo Courtesy of Chris Lane
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