Saturday, October 29, 2011

Coffeeneuring in the Rain 6/7

This is the last weekend of the Coffeeneuring Challenge and coming in I still needed two more rides.  So despite the lousy weather I HAD to get up this morning and go for a short ride for coffee. My wife wondered on Facebook if the coffee was that good or I was crazy.  I'm just too stubborn to let a challenge like this go, even if means a rainy ride in 40 deg temps.

So I dug out all of the cold & wet weather riding gear and quite enjoyed a 10 mile ride to the Rangers Station on the B & A trail before turning back and stopping at The Big Bean right here in Severna Park. It was a good reminder that when tempted to bag a ride due to wet weather, I do in fact have the right gear to wear, specifically plenty of wool layers and the ShowersPass pants and jacket.  The V.O. fenders on the Surly are a big help too.  I was actually quite comfy despite raw weather.

The Big Bean (558 Baltimore and Annapolis Blvd.  Severna Park, MD 21146)  is an awesome neighborhood coffee shop.  The back of the shop opens right on to the B&A Trail park, our very own neighborhood rail trail and home turf for the Severna Park Peloton.  The proprietor, Deb Hoffman, keeps a warm bright shop with great coffee and tea drinks, snacks, WiFi, indoor seating, and an outdoor picnic area right on the trail.  It's a fun meeting stop and I enjoy being a regular customer whether I arrive by bike, on foot, or by {cough cough car, hack cough}.    When the SPP Fleche team set off  this spring, The Big Bean was their opening control.  They opened early and had an extra barrista come in so the whole SPP could turn out and launch the team with a proper Bonne Route!!  Come to think of it, the weather that day was similar to today, cold and rainy.

This morning I enjoyed a large hot Big Bean Blend coffee and a couple of peanut butter cookies before getting back on the bike to return home and begin a busy day of family fun stuff (football, cub scouts, home chores, etc).

The Big Bean Blend is a delicious coffee Biking 2011

My SPP Cap at Big Bean Biking 2011

Big Bean's Pumpkin Spice is an annual treat. Biking 2011

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  1. Love the photo with the SPP cap! Well done!