Sunday, October 30, 2011

A New Perm and Coffeeneuring Number 7!

Gardner D has been working to plan a couple of new RUSA 200K permanent routes.  I joined him this morning to test the cue sheet for one of them on the Eastern Shore.  Family commitments this evening kept me from riding the whole thing so we agreed I'd accompany him the first 42 miles and then take a direct route back to the start.  I got to see the first third of the new ride and enjoyed a total of 60 miles on the bike myself.

The route is a rough triangle from Centreville, MD to Rock Hall to Chesapeake City and then back to Centreville.  We set out from the start about 6:45 and enjoyed a spectacular sunrise that highlighted the fall colors. West of Chestertown as we headed to Rock Hall, every pond we passed was filled with huge flocks of geese and we saw a doe run for nearly half a mile across the plowed fields.  One of those clear fall days meant for spending outdoors.

It was also the coldest ride so far this season and acclimating will take a bit.  My heart rate seemed to run a bit higher than I would expect in such gentle terrain at 16 mph.  But the cold gear all worked just as it should.  Wool is wonderful stuff.

The perm Gardner is planning proceeds west from Chestertown to Rock Hall then doubles back on itself for a few miles before turning north towards Chesapeake City.  At mile 42 Gardner continued on following his prototype and I split to return to the family and Dad's birthday party.   A large flag at the intersection where we parted told the tale.  I'd enjoy a tailwind the next 18 miles back to Centreville while Gardner would have to ride into the wind to Chesapeake City. 

I stopped on the way for breakfast and coffee at Higgy's Farm Market and Country Cafe (5306 Church Hill Road Church Hill, MD 21623) in Church Hill.  There I enjoyed an omelet, bacon, muffin, cup of fruit, coffee and glass of juice.  Just what a hungry coffeeneur needed!!  The last 12 miles downwind to Centreville were bright, sunny, and uneventful.

I enjoyed the ride and based on the first third I think it will make a fine perm.  Later in the day Gardner sent an email and confirmed the rest of the route exceeded expectations.  Though a few adjustments are still need to get around a section of dirt road he encountered unexpectedly.  I'm looking forward to a new perm on the Eastern Shore.

Higgy's T-shirt Biking 2011

The Surly at Higgy's Biking 2011

Higgy's Biking 2011

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