Monday, October 31, 2011

October 2011 - In the books

Today's ride to work was cold, with temps just below freezing when I left the house.  An eerie fog hung in the air as I left my neighborhood but it had mostly cleared out by the time I got to the Ranger Station. The ride home this evening was much warmer with the winter over pants and the heavier of the two base layers I wore in the morning were packed away in my trunk bag.

October's mileage of 823.7 is respectable but I had hoped for 900+ which would have made four months in a row and brought my deficit vs my schedule for the year down under 200 miles.  But 4 days off last week to recover from a cold and find my motivation pushed that out of reach.  But I think my 9000 mile goal for the year is still in reach.  I'm 267 miles behind schedule for the year.  But the schedule assumes I'd taper down quite a bit in Nov and December.  Instead I need to get in 800 miles each month to round out the 9000 for the year.  Daylight and weather will conspire against me but I'm not ready to give it up yet.  Consider I was over 700 miles behind schedule at one point,  I feel pretty good about where I am now.

The highlight of the month was the double ride on the 14th and 15th when I rode the Eastern Shore Reversed Perm Friday night with 6 others from SPP and then about 3 hours later clipped in for the Seagull Century.  227 miles in 20 hours was a new one-day personal best and bodes well for my goal to ride the Super Randonneur series next year. 

Also fun this month was keeping up with MG's Coffeeneuring Challenge. 7 weekend rides to coffee shops over a period of 6 weekends.  It was fun to keep track of these and at least once it got me on the bike when I would otherwise have ridden the couch.

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  1. Don't be disappointed not hitting 900+. Well done you.