Thursday, October 6, 2011

Still Riding

Yep, still riding regularly, just fell behind jotting it down here.  A quick summary since my last post.

Thursday - Nice day, uneventful ride to work and home again.

Friday - Rode to breakfast then to work.  Left work a bit early and enjoyed a great ride home.  Until the last half mile.  Had a terrible close call in my own neighborhood.  I came out fine but quite conflicted about how I responded. Particularly in light of my mild rebuke of another rider whose reaction inflamed the situation only two days before.  I've drafted the whole story and will post it once I've a little more perspective of time to reflect on the whole thing. (Sorry that's not meant to be a tease, though I suppose that's how it may come off).

Friday - Sunday - camping with the Cub Scouts.  Awesome fun, even if it was a little wet.  No biking over the weekend though.

Monday - Another day off the bike

Tue - rode to work with Bill C. First time we've been able to connect in months. Good to see him out and about.  Had a pleasant and uneventful ride home.

Wed - Rode with the 5:46 club ride then to work.  Also a pleasant ride home. Love this Fall weather now that the rains have stopped.

Today - another Cub Scout meeting this evening. So I rode 30 mi with the club at 5:46 and then drove to work to allow a quicker return this evening.  Still loving the clear Fall weather.

Upcoming Plans:

Friday - Road trip to Richmond, VA tomorrow for work so no ride planned unless we get home early enough for a quick spin in the evening.

Weekend -  chock full of fun, Cub Scout popcorn sales, football for both boys, field hockey for my girls, Navy football; the sailboat show is in town and I hope to ride another 80 miles.  So much fun to be had.....

Next weekend - epic ride planned.  I will join 6 friends from the bike club for a midnight ride that's become a tradition of sorts for some these guys.  We'll set out from Wallops Island, VA at 7 pm Friday evening the 14th for a 125 mile round trip to Cape Charles, VA through the night.  If all goes as planned we'll finish around 4 am. But.... we're not done yet. Then we tool up the road 40 miles to Salisbury, MD and clip in at 7 am for the Seagull Century.  225 miles in about 18 - 20 hours!  Let's hope for more of this CLEAR, cool, Fall weather.  I'm really excited about it.

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